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About Us

Our Story So Far

Back in 2014, we fired up as Infinity Workwear and Safety, and we've been keeping the safety vibes strong ever since. It all started in our North street store to our current spot in Railway street with recent expansion! We're the folks who've got your back when it comes to finding gear that doesn't just work, but works well.

What Makes Us Different

Alright, let's break it down – we're not the kind of shop that talks the talk without walking the walk. We're all about gear that's got the muscle for the job and looks the part too, making sure you're good to go out there. It's safety that's got some real Aussie attitude.

What Have We Got?

Our collection is packed with options:

  • High-Vis Must-Haves: Slip into gear that'll make you visible in a crowd.
  • Boots Built to Last: Whether you're on the land or the road, our boots are up to the challenge.
  • PPE Power: From helmets to gloves, we've got the gear to keep you covered.
  • Workwear for You: Find gear that fits your gig – it's like a second skin, whether you're in the office or out in the field.
  • Signs and Stuff: Need clear communication? Our signs and gear do the job.



Our Values

  • Quality Matters: We're sticklers for gear that stands up to the test.
  • Safety's the Game: Safety's not a sideline; it's our main game.
  • Staying Sharp: We're always on the lookout for gear that's ahead of the curve.
  • Down-to-Earth: No frills, no fuss – just honest Aussie attitude.
  • You're Priority One: Your safety, your comfort – that's what drives us.

Find Us: Safety Central

If you're around Gatton, Queensland, swing by and let's have a chat we're in Railway street (yep, the main one, right next door to Betta Home Living).

We're not here to just sell stuff; we're here to help you find the exactly what you need and if we don't have it on the floor it'll be ordered in just for you.

Last Word: Stay Safe, Mate

So, that's Infinity Workwear and Safety in a nutshell – the real deal for everything you need to get the job done, Aussie style. Stay safe, stay sharp.

Cheers! 🇦🇺🔧👢